ECC at Classic Car Challenge China (4C)

Classic Car Challenge China (4C) is the first high-end international event of classic cars in China, and the biggest in the Eastern World and, this year, ECC will be part of it.

Our company will be competing with what we have best: our cars. A Mercedes Benz 280 SE and a Jaguar C-Type RPLK will ride over 1800 km in seven days, from Beijing to Shanghai.

Come and meet our team during the itinerary. Enjoy the show and know more about Exclusive Classic Cars and the possibility of owning one of our classics.


Exclusive Classic Cars Exclusive Classic Cars Exclusive Classic Cars


- 9th October 2013: participants check in;
- 10th -11th October 2013: exhibition in Beijing;

Opportunity to check Heritage Brokers surprise cars

- 12th October 2013: Official Opening Ceremony, Beijing-Tianjin (281 Km);
- 13th October 2013: Tianjin – Qingdao (586 Km);
- 14th October 2013: dialogue and exchange opportunities, exhibitions;

Opportunity to admire, feel and fall in love with Heritage Brokers unique cars

- 15th October 2013: Qingdao – Lianyungang (204 Km);
- 16th October 2013: Lianyungang – Nanjing (340 Km);
- 17th October 2013: Nanjing – Hangzhou (350 Km);
- 18th October 2013: Hangzhou – Shanghai (205 Km), Awards Ceremony;
- 19th - 20th October 2013: exhibition in Shanghai; on the evening of October 20th, the Organizing Committee will hold an official farewell dinner.

Last Opportunity to own one of Heritage Brokers unique cars

- 21st October 2013: conclusion. Participants and vehicles leave Shanghai.

Vehicles from all around the world falling under FIVA categories B, C, D, E and F are welcome to participate!